The IBS brush washbasin process is based on the closed IBS circulation principle. By pressing the foot switch, the IBS special pump pumps the cleaning agent from the drum via a hose to the cleaning brush (hollow brush). The workpiece is placed on the support grid and cleaned with the brush and cleaning fluid.
Liquid is constantly replenished during the cleaning process and the contaminated liquid flows back into the drum.
In the drum, the foreign substances separate from the detergent and settle on the bottom of the drum. The pump always draws in clean special cleaner as the pump pipe is fitted above the base of the drum.
This self-cleaning principle ensures a long service life for the IBS special cleaner, which can be reused for an above-average period (6 to 12 months).
The cleaner can be replaced by simply changing the drum.
This functional principle conserves resources, is sustainable and saves costs and energy. As the cleaning medium is fed into the rinsing system, cleaning is completely wastewater-free.

Areas of application
The IBS parts cleaning device is used for manual cleaning of metal and plastic components contaminated with oil and grease. It is used in areas such as industrial parts cleaning and surface degreasing, maintenance and operational servicing of production plants, conveyor belts, fittings, pumps, motors and other machine parts, as well as in the repair and maintenance of means of transportation such as motor vehicles and trucks, rail vehicles, ground and conveyor vehicles, agricultural and construction machinery.
GS test certificate
All appliances comply with the requirements of the German Equipment Safety Act and have a current GS test certificate.
CE marking
Compliance with the European Machinery Directive guarantees the safety of persons handling IBS parts cleaning equipment (product liability).