Always on the safe side with IBS

Safety and quality for your parts cleaning

With our certificates, we ensure transparency and security for our customers. We offer you legally compliant service and product safety to the highest quality standards. All certifications are proof of our pronounced quality awareness, constantly evolving process reliability and expertise in the areas of parts cleaning, surface degreasing and maintenance. We are aware of our responsibility for your safety and environmental protection and are committed to providing our customers with the best possible support.

Quality management

We are certified to ISO 9001:2015 (manufacture, distribution, return and disposal of industrial cleaners; manufacture and distribution of cleaning equipment), the international standard for quality management. This certification confirms that we have implemented an effective quality management system that meets the requirements of our customers and our high quality standards.

Tested sustainability

The German Institute for Sustainability & Economics confirms our commitment to environmental and climate protection. The company IBS Scherer GmbH has successfully completed a comprehensive sustainability audit in the areas of ecology, economy and social competence (product, service and consulting quality, economic future orientation, corporate management as well as ecological and social responsibility). It goes without saying that we are constantly working to further develop our sustainable commitment in the areas of environmental and energy management, as well as in all departments.

Specialist waste management company

We are also a certified waste management company in accordance with § 56 para. 2 KrWG. IBS Scherer has the necessary qualifications and permits to dispose of hazardous waste in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. We are authorized to collect, transport and store waste containing solvents and aqueous washing liquids.

Specialist company according to WHG

In addition, IBS is a specialist company in accordance with the Water Resources Act (WHG) and is authorized to manufacture and store water-polluting industrial cleaners, as well as to construct steel drip pans in accordance with the requirements of the Steel Pan Directive.

Specialized welding company

In accordance with DIN EN ISO 3834-3 2000 – data sheet HP0 This means that we have the necessary production and welding equipment, the qualified welding and welding supervision personnel with the required specialist knowledge and experience to carry out welding work safely and to a high standard of quality; the basic prerequisite for the manufacture of IBS drip pans in our own factory.