Hydrocarbon-based cold cleaners: an environmentally friendly and efficient solution for parts cleaning and metal degreasing

Hydrocarbon-based cold cleaners are an effective and environmentally friendly solution for (small) parts cleaning and metal degreasing. They are made from petroleum products and are almost 100% recyclable. These petroleum-based cold cleaners can be used efficiently to remove all types of oil and grease soiling.

Advantages of hydrocarbon-based cold cleaners

  • High degree of cleaning: Hydrocarbon-based cold cleaners have excellent dissolving power for many organic soils that are difficult to clean, such as oils and greases, tar or dried waxes. Thanks to their low surface tension, they penetrate even the smallest gaps. According to the motto “like dissolves like”, the hydrocarbon-based IBS cold cleaner lifts off the contamination, infiltrates and mixes with the oils or greases and can be easily rinsed off or removed with brushes.
  • One-step cleaning: the special cleaners enable one-step cleaning, in which soiling is removed in a single operation. This is particularly economical and time-saving. Typical water-based side effects such as corrosion or water trapped in cavities are completely eliminated here. Elaborate drying processes are therefore not necessary. One-step cleaning with cold cleaners has another decisive advantage in addition to the cost efficiency achieved by eliminating operations such as drying and regreasing: no oily waste water is produced, which is expensive to dispose of as hazardous waste.
  • Environmentally friendly: Hydrocarbon-based cold cleaners are made from petroleum products and are almost 100 % recyclable. This means that they have no environmental impact and are completely sustainable.
  • Safe: unlike other solvents, IBS cold cleaners are harmless in terms of occupational health and hygiene and have a low hazard potential. Both are confirmed by safety certificates, skin compatibility reports and occupational exposure limit measurements. Also, unlike when handling water-based cleaners, the German Ordinance on Biological Substances can be safely disregarded when cleaning with hydrocarbon cold cleaners.
  • Corrosion protection: Hydrocarbon-based cold cleaners can provide corrosion protection by forming a protective layer on the surface of the parts to be cleaned. This is particularly important when cleaning metal parts.
  • Energy efficiency: Brush washbasins with bacteria/microorganisms must keep the cleaning bath constantly heated in order to keep the bacteria/microorganisms active. This leads to high electricity consumption around the clock. The cold cleaner, on the other hand, does not need to be heated and is used as required, which significantly reduces power consumption.
  • Long service life: The cold cleaner can achieve a very long service life thanks to its needs-based use and the fact that it does not require heating. As a rule, depending on the frequency of use and the amount of dirt introduced, a service life of several months is possible.

Areas of application

Hydrocarbon-based cold cleaners are used in many different areas and industries, e.g. in the:

  • Maintenance: for the maintenance and repair of machines and systems to remove oil and grease contamination.
  • Production: hydrocarbon-based cold cleaners are used in production to clean workpieces and tools.
  • Production: hydrocarbon-based cold cleaners are used in production to clean semi-finished and finished products.
  • Process technology: hydrocarbon-based cold cleaners are used in process technology to clean components and systems.