IBS parts cleaning is an environmentally friendly and safe solution for parts cleaning. It offers a range of benefits that have a positive impact on the environment and the health and safety of users and operators.

Waste water

Wastewater-free workshop: The closed-loop IBS process enables wastewater-free cleaning of parts. This conserves water resources and reduces the environmental impact of waste water.


Environmentally friendly storage of water-polluting substances: The right drip tray for water-polluting substances ensures environmentally friendly and safe storage. This protects employees from hazards and protects the environment from pollution.


Reduced emissions: IBS parts cleaning devices reduce emissions to a minimum, as the cleaning medium immediately runs back into the closed drum. In combination with IBS special cleaner and when used as intended, compliance with the national limit values is ensured. In this way, they help to improve air quality and protect employees and the environment.


Avoidance of waste: The use of IBS parts cleaning equipment ensures the requirements of the circular economy are met. The generation of unnecessary waste is avoided as the cleaning agent is recirculated until it is saturated. In the IBS take-back system, the used cleaner is sent for recycling. This avoids waste and conserves resources.

Product safety

Product safety and compliance with legal regulations: The CE marking and GS test certificate guarantee product safety and compliance with legal regulations, such as the European Machinery Directive and the Equipment Safety Act.

Occupational safety

We would be happy to support you with your risk assessment, your hygiene concept or the substitution of your acetone-containing products and other hazardous substances. Our IBS technology consultants are always available to optimize and advise you on your occupational safety!