Resin Removal

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Resin removal:

Removing resin, bitumen, tar and stubborn adhesions is a major challenge for workshops and maintenance departments in many industries. They can impair the function of machines/tools and damage surfaces.</p

There are various methods to effectively clean garden, agricultural and forestry equipment, chainsaws, chainsaws, lawnmowers, but also all equipment in the woodworking industry (harvesters, circular saws, planers) from large soiling:

  • Spray cleaning/pre-spray cleaning
  • Wiping process

The power foam of the IBS resin remover spreads evenly over the surface and penetrates deep into the resin deposits. This soaks up the dirt and allows it to be removed effortlessly.

8,45 5,33  / Liter

Produkt enthält: 1 Liter