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High-pressure cleaning:

High-pressure cleaning is an effective application for cleaning all commercial vehicles (lorries, construction machinery, agricultural machinery), rail vehicles, railways, floor and conveyor vehicles, as well as floors/surfaces of all kinds, engines, tools and machines. This process is used with the appropriate cleaning fluid to effectively remove dirt, sludge, oil, grease, organic and other stubborn soiling. The cleaning agent dissolves these contaminants, making them accessible to the high-pressure jet.

With our alkaline WAS 30.100, we offer an intensive pre-spray cleaner and the WAS 30.300, an all-purpose cleaner that is strong on general everyday and environmental soiling. Both clean with a shine and beading effect.


IBS-Spezialreiniger WAS 30.100

Special Cleaners WAS (water-based)

IBS-Spezialreiniger WAS 30.300