Fully Automatic Spray Cleaning

Spray cleaning:

There are many different ways to clean effectively in industry, manufacturing and workshops. The right choice depends on the respective requirements.

Spray cleaning is one of the most efficient and versatile cleaning methods. It is suitable for cleaning all types of surfaces, from metal and plastic to glass. Spray cleaning involves spraying a cleaning agent onto the surface to be cleaned. This dissolves and removes dirt and deposits. The cleaner is used in automatic washing machines, flood cleaning systems or immersion baths.

Different cleaning agents are used for spray cleaning, flood cleaning, immersion cleaning and automatic washing machines. Alkaline cleaning agents are particularly effective at removing grease, oil and dirt. Neutral detergents are gentler on surfaces and are therefore particularly suitable for cleaning sensitive materials. Choose between our neutral, label-free WAS 10.500 or the alkaline WAS 10.100, which removes even the most stubborn dirt.