Manual Brush Cleaning

Parts cleaning:

In every workshop and maintenance department and in all industries, the cleaning of metal parts contaminated with oil and grease is an important daily process. It is used to remove dirt, oil, grease and other contaminants from metal parts. This is important to ensure the functionality of the parts and improve the quality of the products.</p

There are various methods for parts cleaning, including brush washing tables, automatic washing machines and ultrasound:

Brush washing tables

Brush washbasins are a simple and cost-effective method of parts cleaning. They consist of a basin, a barrel with cleaning agent (cold cleaner) and a brush to clean the parts manually. Brush washbasins are suitable for cleaning small and medium-sized parts.</p

Automatic washing machines

Automatic washing machines are an efficient method for automatic parts cleaning. They consist of a tank with a cleaning agent (water-based) in which the parts are cleaned by a spray application and rotational movement. Automatic washers are suitable for cleaning large and complex parts.</p


Ultrasonic is another method for cleaning parts. It is based on the effect of ultrasonic waves which, in combination with a water-based cleaning fluid, loosen contaminants from the surfaces of the parts. Ultrasound is suitable for cleaning parts with complex geometries and hard-to-reach areas, such as blind holes.

The choice of the right cleaning method for parts cleaning depends on various factors, including Size and complexity of parts, type of contamination, sensitivity of parts