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Floor cleaning:

Whether it’s a repair workshop, warehouse and logistics hall, production area, maintenance department or industrial workshop, the floor plays an important role in every company in every sector. Floor coverings are exposed to numerous types of soiling in daily work processes, for example from forklift trucks, industrial trucks and other machine traffic, lorries and general dirt ingress. In addition to rubber abrasion, grease and oil, slippery surfaces, which can occur after cleaning with conventional cleaning agents, are among the most common contaminants.

Effective cleaning is all the more important, as it also ensures optimum cleanliness, greater safety and therefore the best working conditions.

With our ESD-certified WAS 40.100, we offer you a high-performance concentrate with an anti-slip effect that even effortlessly removes tyre and rubber abrasion. The WAS 30.300 is a powerful all-purpose cleaner for general everyday and environmental soiling.

Special Cleaners WAS (water-based)

IBS-Spezialreiniger WAS 30.300